Meadowbrook Gardens Botanical Exhibit

Botanical Exhibit at Detroit Artscape Riverwalk 

Winter in Bloom Botanicals Exhibition
Cranbrook House and Gardens

Cranbrook House: 380 Lone Pine Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303

Cranbrook House and Garden Auxiliary is proud to present an exhibition of Botanicals by renowned photographer Laurie Tennent. Her unique style captures several of the Cranbrook Gardens’ specimens in such exquisite detail that they blend seamlessly into the environment. Tennent’s artistic process allows spectators to almost believe they are back in the summer bloom of the gardens as they immerse themselves in the magnificence of each piece.The work is photographic polychrome on aluminum making it weather resistant; therefore at the Winter in Bloom fund raising cocktail event, several of Laurie’s works, which surround the exterior of the house, will be illuminated and visible to guests. Laurie will attend the event. The following day she will lead a close up tour and discuss her creative process at length.

Tennent, who has exhibited nationally and internationally, received her BFA in Photography from the College of Creative Studies, which began as the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts in 1906; Cranbrook founder George Booth was the Society’s first president.

Botanicals @ Planterra Greenhouse

Strength and Fragility. This duality is what my subject matter explores. My presentation is in line with traditional photography. However, degrees of ambiguity remain. Ambiguity in the choice of subject: flowers, fragile by nature, but whose strength of form creates the impression of a strong sensuality. Ambiguity in size: exaggerating delicate natural forms allows the spectator the opportunity to be confronted and submerged by the objects. Ambiguity in presentation: blurring the lines between painting and photography, I hope to take the viewer away from the constant digital noise in our environment to a serene and meditative space.

Botanicals has been exhibited in 2013 as an installation at Planterra Greenhouse, Artprize in the outdoor plaza of 5th 3rd Bank, in a one person show at The Robert Kidd Gallery and on the grounds of Cranbrook House and Gardens in Winter in Bloom. The Large Scale works on Polychrome Aluminum are created in an edition of 3 and can be displayed indoor or out.


Robert Kidd Gallery